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color etchings part I

lucky delivery 33x40cm,2015 Kopie.jpg

"lucky delivery"
33x45cm, 2015

"high society"
16,5x27cm, 2008

"flying fish"
20x50cm ,2008

28,5x42cm, 2019

"flossen paradise"
20x50cm, 2008

58x27cm, 2019

"delivery of the pagodas
40x50cm, 2019

40x50cm, 2019

"dragon wheel"
33x33cm, 2018

"on the playground"
24x60cm, 2016

"luggage fish"
25x15cm, 2013

"flying fish"
20x50cm, 2018

24x40cm, 2015

"on a journey"
35x25cm, 2016

"kitchen roll call
15x40cm, 2008

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