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drawings (characters)

animals showing human characters as relatives

"elective affinities" 29,7x44,5cm, 2011

"warm keeper" 32x24cm, 2012

"luggage fish" 32x24cm, 2012

"Pfeifenheinz" 32x24cm, 2012

"and who are You?" 21,2x44,3cm, 2011

"polar party" 20,2x67cm, 2011

"I'm gone" 70,3x27cm, 2011

"fast Eddie" 42x30cm, 2019

"menage lapin" 16x29,5cm, 2007

"kitchen sovereign I" 29,5x17,5cm, 2007

"kitchen sovereign II" 29,5x17,5cm, 2007

"kitchen sovereign III" 29,5x17,5cm, 2007

"tea time" 40x52cm, 2014

"the big show" 34x51cm, 2014

"magnificent spectacle" 41x61cm, 2014

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